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Medical Care

One week a year, a team of Agape volunteer doctors, nurses, and other support staff travel to the community of La Gonave to set up a temporary clinic in a church. The clinic provides general care for adults, pregnant women, and children. We provide vitamins, antibiotics, and other medications. We see 400 to 600 patients each visit.


Public Health Education

Our main area of focus is education around menstrual health, teaching girls about their bodies and menstruation. In La Gonave, like many other very poor countries which lack sanitation facilities with running water and menstrual care products, most of the girls stay at home during their periods. They miss an average of 5 days of school per month, or 6 weeks per school year.

We have partnered with the international organization, Days for Girls, to teach girls about their bodies and menstruation.  We  distribute washable menstrual kits which allows girls to stay in school when they are menstruating. 



Clean Water

We have partnered with the global organization, Water with Blessings, to distribute water filters to women. These are simple gravity-fed ceramic water filters which provide 20-25 gallons of clean drinkable water per hour are and are designed to last up to 20 years. They filter out bacteria and parasites which cause diarrhea. 


Prenatal Clinic

Our local physician, Dr.Nathalie Laguerre, provides care for pregnant women by providing physical examinations and blood pressure checks, distributing  prenatal vitamins, and other medications, and educating women about potential pregnancy complications. She is also screens and treats adult patients with high blood pressure.


We work with closely with Wesleyan Hospital, a local hospital to provide other services on a as needed basis. 


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